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Hospitality "just like home"

magnificent blue — memorable vacation guarantee —

The Magnificent Blue Greek Villas team has always been a family unit with a mission to provide a taste of traditional Greek hospitality. In other words, to open our home with a smile and a kind word, while hosting our guests as we would a dear friend or relative. We have never made distinctions between “stranger” and “family”, but have strived to provide all our guests with the same high quality personalised care and service. 

The roots of this tradition of hospitality sprout in every Greek home during childhood, with our grandparents. The “hospitality” offered generously by the older generation provided us children with treasured experiences that warmed our hearts and filled us with love.

Memories of summer afternoon feasts at yiayia’s* home. The table is laden with local cheese and eggs, sourdough bread, pappou’s* freshly picked lemons and oranges from the garden, water from the natural spring nearby, and iced mountain tea. The smell of mint and jasmine is everywhere. At last the plates of salads and our favourite dishes are brought out, cooked earlier by yiayia in a playful mood, singing along to the radio instead of the traditional songs she knows best. 

After lunch, Greek coffee was served accompanied by an old style sweet (a spoonful of preserved fruit) in the garden while we listened to their stories from the past. Sometimes only half-listening, as we had heard many of the stories before, but always attentive to our grandparents’ voices. They were our only real connection to a life that we as city kids found both quaint and strangely exotic. 

Our summers spent in our grandparents’ village as children leave us with a wistful longing for warm days, all year long. Sheets that smelled of fresh lavender, and waking up to the thousands of scents that blossomed in the vase and in the garden. The towels always lovingly folded, ready for a warm bath.

It was not just hospitality but the way in which these tasks were done, like ancient rituals lovingly performed day in, day out. Always with a sense of dignity, respect for the past, kindness, and good housekeeping. Our grandparents’ only concern was that no person should feel unhappy or uncared for in their home. 

Over the years, our studies in tourism, combined with these memories from our childhood, have guided us in creating the Magnificent Blue Greek Villas family. Our goal is to provide our guests with a taste of the special hospitality we experienced as children from our grandparents.  

We have upgraded our services, but will continue to take care of our guests with the same passion and love as our yiayia! Like her, we are attentive to our garden, food, and wine, now offering an increased range of fresh local produce for the table. We have created complete wellness and fitness packages for the wellbeing of mind and body. Our excellent staff will offer treatments using locally available products, in an atmosphere of relaxation and respect. 

We have further brought Greek tradition alive by upgrading our culinary services. We have created a feeling “just like home” because we believe that the hospitality we experienced as children should be incorporated into our service philosophy and shared with you, our guests.  

In the Magnificent Blue family, we say, "Whatever you do, do it with love, otherwise it will only be half done." 
We are lucky and grateful that, as travelers ourselves, we now have the opportunity to offer our guests a taste of the traditional Greek hospitality we experienced from our grandparents.  

We feel that we owe every guest who travels to stay with us the very best service. Everyone, regardless of where on earth they have traveled from, deserves to feel our home as their home. 

Welcome to our home.

*“Yiayia” is the Greek word for grandmother.
*“Pappou” is the Greek word for grandfather