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Terms & Conditions

1. The website “” belongs to the company “Akg Exclusive Development Pc”, whose registered office is at 10 Sokratous Str., 16673 Voula, Athens, Greece, tel.: +30 6945891484, email:, hereinafter referred to as the “Company” in order to provide information and services to its users. Use of this website, which is subject to these Terms and Conditions, that users are encouraged to read carefully and comply with, implies the unconditional acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. This website targets adults exclusively. These Terms may, for any reason, and without prior notice, change and the Company shall make every effort possible to point out these changes with a notice on the Home Page. Continued use of the website, after the effective date, will be perceived as acceptance of these Terms on the users’ part. 

2.1. Intellectual rights of the content of this website, including, but not limited to, all the documents, files, texts, images, graphics designs, any trademarks, components and code that it contains, as well as the general image of the website, are intellectual property of the Company, unless stated otherwise, and fall under Greek, EU Community and International law protection.
2.2. Copy for commercial purposes, modification and republication of parts, or the entirety of the website’s contents, in any form, which is based on it or its content, or integration of electronic recovery systems in other websites is prohibited. No link to this website can be included in any other website without the Company’s prior written approval.

The website may host and include material or links leading to websites owned by third parties (e.g. articles, data or excerpts), who carry full liability (civil or penal), concerning security, legality or validity of the websites’ content and their services, excluding the company’s liability.

The company reserves the right to change or withdraw any part of or the entire website at any moment without prior notice. Any changes shall be put into effect on the user’s next visit to the website. Users of this website are not entitled to any compensation for inability to use the services provided by it. The Company provides no guarantee, direct or indirect, that the content of this website will always be up to date, safe, without faults, and that the outcome of the website’s use will be credible, accurate and without faults.

5.1. Your identity as a user of this website is personal, and therefore should not be shared with others. If you have been given a username and/ or password, you agree on keeping them safe and confidential. Furthermore, you agree (i) to let the company know as soon as any unauthorized disclosure or use of your personal username and/ or password comes to your attention and (ii) to be liable for any loss or damage that may occur due to said unauthorized use or disclosure.
5.2. You are responsible for the supply of all the equipment required to access the website, as well as for all related third party charges (e.g. phone charges and internet service provider charges).
5.3. You agree to use this website exclusively in accordance with these Terms. In case of unauthorized use of this website that may result in damaging any person who may, in turn raise a claim against the Company, you agree to pay compensation for all losses and/ or damages that may occur because of such claims.
5.4. As a user of this website, it is your duty:
- to use this website according to these Terms of use and good faith, and not to use the website for any purpose other than the one for which it is provided, according to these Terms
- not to act, while using the website, knowingly or unknowingly, contrary to legal or regulatory claims of any competent authority that has jurisdiction over you or any activity you may take up
- not to use the website in order to attempt unauthorized access the company’s systems or third party networks
- not to use the website in order to conduct business related activities or any other activity or to contribute to activities that are prohibited by law
- not to use the website in order to transmit any material of defamatory, offensive or threatening nature, or material that violates third party rights, or causes distress, harassment, or unnecessary discomfort to any third party, or to send messages which you know are false.
- to let the company know immediately of any claim or action of any nature against you over use of the website
- to let the company know immediately of any changes that may affect your registration data, so as to ensure that your data is always up to date.

If any article of the aforementioned Terms is deemed not applicable, it will not affect the validity and the possibility of application of the rest of the Terms.
These Terms represent the overall agreement between the user and the Company and regulate access and use of the website by users, and prevail over any other written agreement in regards to use of the website.
These Terms are interpreted according to Greek legislation.

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